Full Stack Developer (PHP & JS) – Full remote & 4 days week option
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Full Stack Developer (PHP & JS) – Full remote & 4 days week option


At in99, we are known for being one of the few fully distributed companies in the world. Currently, it is estimated that only 16% of companies operate in this way. A distributed company is one in which there are no central offices. All individuals have the same type of relationship with each other, so the project and promotional opportunities are not affected by working from home or in an office, among other things. At “in99: purpose, distribution and asynchrony”, you will have a better understanding of our work philosophy and how we organize ourselves.

Through intensive use of technology, we aim to provide simple, fast, and affordable access to justice and professional services for everyone, including the 99% of individuals and small businesses that have traditionally been excluded.

We are inclusion. We are innovation. We are in99.


At in99, we continue to grow, and in this position, you will have the opportunity to join one of our teams:

  • Analyze the needs and requirements of different teams, product, legal, marketing.
  • Develop new functionalities and maintain in99’s web applications.
  • Perform testing and resolve detected issues.
  • Document the developments.
  • Perform integrations with third-party and proprietary services through APIs.


For this position, we require:

  • High experience in PHP (with Laravel or Lumen).
  • Experience in API development and integration.
  • JQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Databases: SQL Server and/or MySQL.
  • Experience in Agile framework (Scrum).

Additionally, although not essential for us, we highly value:

  • Programming knowledge in Python.


At in99, we want to grow with you and achieve the desired WIN-WIN in a work environment characterized by autonomy, flexibility, and work-life balance. Therefore, we offer you:

  • 100% remote work: we all work in a fully distributed model without central offices.
  • Flexible 4 or 5-day workweek: if desired, you can distribute your weekly schedule over 4 days!
  • Maximum work-life balance and flexible hours: you decide how to organize your workday.
  • Continuing education: €1,200 annually at your disposal for professional development.
  • Free choice of work tools: we compensate for the use or acquisition of the equipment you need.
  • Flexible holidays: change our local and regional holidays for another day of your interest.
  • Health insurance.
  • Corporate meetings.
  • Being part of one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe (+500% year-over-year revenue).
  • We recently closed a five-year revolving working capital with a leading investment fund in Spain.
  • Salary range: €30,000 to €50,000 depending on various factors.

Selection process

From the very beginning, we want you to understand how we conduct our selection processes. The decision to onboard new members and the selection process rests with the teams, without interviews or Human Resources. To facilitate this work, we have created a two-phase process.

First phase (automated): It is simpler and highly automated, characterized by the following milestones:

  • Bryq Assessment: with this test, we aim to eliminate bias and subconscious prejudices from our selection process, objectively assessing certain aspects of your personality and cognitive abilities.
  • Solo Challenge: in this phase, we will invite you to undertake a challenge that allows us to evaluate your specific knowledge related to the position.

Second phase (interactive): From this point forward, we will interact directly with you and invite you to an online collaborative session with the team members to solve a hypothetical problem in the following manner:

  • Async Challenge: the majority of our interactions are asynchronous. In this phase, we strive to realistically replicate asynchronous interactions with your potential future teammates, allowing you to experience our way of working on a hypothetical problem and mutually assess the fit. Additionally, as we highly value the time and effort you dedicate, we will reward you with an Amazon Gift Voucher upon completing this phase.
  • Sync Challenge: after resolving the given problem, if necessary, we will invite you to participate in a video conference with the team to collectively discuss the solution reached in a brief workshop.

We firmly believe that the distributed model can only work based on a relationship of utmost trust among all the project stakeholders. The challenge we face is that the project can be vulnerable to any misuse of that trust and freedom by any member. That is why you may find that our selection process includes more phases and takes longer than other processes you may have experienced in the past.

Distributed work within a relationship of complete trust, freedom, and responsibility remains a minority experience that has many positive aspects but also challenges to overcome. The objective is to provide both candidates and team members who will work directly with the finalists with the most comprehensive information, using a work experience as close to reality as possible, so that both parties can make the most informed decision.

If you feel that our mission and purpose resonate with you, that our working methodology aligns with your expectations, and you believe we can mutually contribute to this great project, we will be delighted to get to know you!

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Full Stack Developer (PHP & JS) – Full remote & 4 days week option
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