(Senior) Backend Engineer

Role Description

  • Design and build data models, services, and APIs to power our webapp.
  • Utilize heuristics, automation, and machine learning to streamline customer facing workflows, internal underwriting decisions, and fraud detection.
  • Scale and secure our systems to support an increasing number of users, features, business requirements, partners, and engineers.
  • Collaborate with the team to build robust testing and deployment frameworks.

While the job is remote, we are only looking for candidates based in United States and Ukraine

About Settle

Settle is a FinTech company on a mission to help businesses thrive by taking the worry out of cash flow management. We’re building software making it super easy for finance teams to track, pay, and reconcile invoices. We pair that with lending products to offer our customers the power and flexibility to choose who, when, and how to pay their customers.

Company Culture

Keep it Simple

Payments are hard. Accounting is hard. Risk is hard. That doesn’t mean we should make it hard for our customers. We must strive to make things as simple as possible for our customers, or someone else will. Removing friction through technology will keep us a step ahead of our competitors.

Build Trust

We are not a bank, but our customers trust us with their money. We build trust by upholding our responsibility to do the right thing. We build trust by being reliable.

Be Supportive

Running a business is hard. We must help each other out even if it’s outside your area of responsibility. We must help our customers during their journey. Have empathy for our customers and each other. Everything won’t go right - how we act in those times will make a difference.

Have Humility

We don’t know everything. Having the humility to say that and ask for help, matters. We all make mistakes, without them we wouldn't be taking enough risks. See mistakes and failures as opportunities and have the humility to own them when they are yours and be supportive when they are made by others. Take time to learn from them, and seek ways to help yourself and your colleagues avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Bias for Action

Responding to customers as fast as possible is a superpower. Our biggest advantage vs a large incumbent is our speed. As we scale, we must seek to ship value to customers ever more rapidly. We value experimentation, incremental shipping, and creative solutions that give customers fast value over perfect and polished but slow rollouts.

Be Curious

Don’t assume the way things are, are the way things should be. There might be a better way. How can we make things better? No matter what role or where in the business, we all have an equal voice. What can we learn from others to improve our products and ourselves?

(Senior) Backend Engineer
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